Marketing Operations


We deliver a cross-functional audit and analysis of the marketer’s operation; reviewing both internal assets and external capabilities. Our outcomes include usable near and mid-term model alternatives and improvements that drive better business outcomes.

Marketing organizations are facing new challenges from internal and external forces—some, like technology and culture, are clear and present issues. Equally important are less overt threats like advertising holding company crises, the migration of creative leadership and changing workforces have created insidious barriers to real growth.

We deliver a cross-functional view of the marketer’s operation reviewing both the internal and external resources model. Our outcomes include specific near and mid-term model alternatives or improvements that drive better business outcomes.

“Matt Ryan has a brilliant mind for truly all things marketing — as well as superb managerial and strategic skill. His unique combination of talents enables him to bring out the best in people and in organizations — en route to delivering excellence for those who are fortunate to be able to work with him.”

– Mark Gerson, Co-Founder of GLG, Julius, Voray and Thuzio

Recent examles include: